Casey Stein
New York based Filmmaker




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OTIS is an interactive film that shows how a babysitter’s plan to rob her employer’s house goes horribly wrong after the homeowner returns early. In the chaos that follows, loyalty is questioned and blood is shed. OTIS was created as a prototype for a new idea: how could a story be told from multiple characters’ perspectives at the same time?

Director: Casey Stein | Writer: Bernard Zeiger | Producers: Neil Sanjay Singh, Dustin Grant, Casey Stein, Bernard Zeiger | Starring: Ryan McCabe, Becca Zeiger, Lance Marshall, Andrea Leon-Perez | Music by: Joseph James Bartolozzi | Assistant Director: Kate Branom | Associate Producer: Sohany Singh | Assistant Camera: Alex Bock | Steadicam/ Movi Operator: Jesse Rosenberg | Sound Mixer: Will Smithson | Sound Designer: Louis Gordon | Hair and Make-up: Leah Samuel | Web Developer: Tudor Grigoriu