Casey Stein
New York based Filmmaker

Behest Of A Fading Diva


This was a part of Motion Poems season seven. The poem, “Behest Of A Fading Diva,” by Qiana Towns, is about her uncle, Vincent, who when her aunt passed away, opened his home to LGBT men and women to create a place of acceptance, education and creativity in his home. The poem is written from the perspective of one of his, “students,” looking back on his legacy as an homage to his spirit and their courage, and we wanted to honor that story by starting the film the day after that “student” wrote this poem.

A poem by Qiana Towns | A film by Casey Stein | "Mabel" played by Ryan McCabe | Producer: Nathan Podshadley | Cinematographer: Nathan Podshadley | Editor: Alex Familian | Sound Designer: Bobb Barito | Narration by Jay Reed | Colorist: Jenny Montgomery | A special thank you to Ben Zeiger and Kate Aspell