Casey Stein
New York based Filmmaker

Holy Night


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Holy Night tells the story of how a preacher, a grandmother, and a teenager all struggle to stay connected to their community during Christmas despite their destructive relationship to prescription drugs. Holy Night is an interactive film that allows viewers to switch character’s perspectives in real-time by pressing A,S or D on their keyboards or swiping on their mobile devices. Holy Night (and OTIS) are proof-of-concepts for a larger series set in this world using this format.

Director: Casey Stein | Writer: Bernard Zeiger | Producer: Chris Janney | Featuring: Ryan Jonze, Monica Wyche, Claire D’Angelo, Carson Grant, Matthew Parrish, Brenda Crawley, Ilsa Denton, Ruby Gillis | Editor: Joan Educate | Director of Photography: Nathan Podshadley | Colorist: Jenny Montgomery | Production Designer: Callen Golden | Assistant Director: Dayna Schutz | Production Coordinator: Gus Constantellis | Gaffer: Alexander Echevarria | Assistant Camera: Alex Bock | Boom Operator/ Sound Mixer: Julian Cahill | Set Dresser: Susie Cody | Key Grip: Jack Newton | Production Assistants: Lauren Rossi, Mark Ramirez | Sound Design & Audio Mixer: Michelle Madias | Music Composition: Trust The Cat